PROUD Money is the first cryptocurrency built for the LGBT community by the LGBT community.


Block time

60 seconds
10 times faster than Bitcoin

Block size

50 MB
up to 216M transactions per day


20% annually
with online and unlocked wallet

Max coins

10 billion
50% locked to support LGBT community

Download your PROUD wallet

Zipped file 8MB
Zipped file 20MB
Zipped file 9MB
Github repository
Choose the link for your operating system. Extract the archived file to your desktop and open the executable file. It may take a few hours for your wallet to synchronize with the network. You may need to make firewall and antivirus exceptions. For faster syncing download bootstrap.dat file.

Exchange your PROUD for FIAT money

Our plans for 2018

Mobile Wallet

Android and iOS wallet will be available soon to make it easier to accept PROUD in restaurants, bars, clubs, etc.

PROUD Dating App

We plan to introduce our PROUD dating app based on localisation. Meet new friends or love this summer!

Charities Donations

From summer onwards we will start donating to LGBT charities and similar organisations worldwide.

Simple Fiat Exchange

As of April you can buy PROUD money on our fiat exchange starting with USD and EUR.

even more coming soon ...

Meet our team members

Building a legacy for the LGBT community worldwide

Capital investment in prospective
LGBT businesses

Beginning June 2018, we will commence our capital investment program, financing LGBT-owned businesses on a global scale. We have established a private fund of 100 million PROUD to be invested in primarily online-based services and to be administered by PROUD money Ltd.

Philanthropic endowments for
LGBT organizations and individuals

The PROUD Foundation will oversee the measured disbursement of the Foundation Wallet to LGBT agencies and individuals worldwide. Open applications for funding will become available from second half of 2018, with the commencement of grant provision to follow. All applications and decisions will be recorded and made publicly available on Google Docs to certify our thorough approach to project transparency.

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