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Welcome to PROUD Money

PROUD Money is the first cryptocurrency for the LGBT community. Designed and developed by LGBT community.

PROUD community is here to make it possible for everyone to trade, bank, secure funds and help to build a financially stable community.

Mobile version

In cooperation with we are bringing to our users the possibility to have PROUD Money stored in own mobile phones.

Your crypto currency is stored in a multiwallet where you can trade (trade includes buy, sell, swap) your coins when you are online or use other crypto currencies.

Why use PROUD Money?

Secured interest

Your wallet can give you up to 20% interest per year if its online and unlocked.

Very fast transactions

Your transactions are confirmed in less than 1 minute. You don’t need to wait hours.

Mass adoption ready

Block size in combination with block time can handle up to 216 M transactions per day.

PROUD Foundation

With a locked budget of 5 B PROUD we are ready to help the LGBT community for 5 decades.

How do you get PROUD Money?

Using exchanges

Currently PROUD Money is listed on three exchanges:

Cryptopia: BTC | LTC | DOGE

Crex24: BTC | USD | EUR | CNY | JPY | RUB

VaultMeX: BTC

With PROUD Angels help

In September 2018 we are launching our PROUD Angel program.

Our PROUD Angels will help you install your PROUD wallet, give you tips on how to stake better and also they can sell you PROUD Money in your local FIAT currency, so you don’t need to use official exchanges.

Here are few stats:

PROUD Angels are coming to you


Are you ready for LGBT Revolution 2.0?

PROUD Money has been established to provide a full service financial industry for the modern LGBT community. With the aim of constructing a global network of people participating in the PROUD Money economy, this association will provide the financial engine to pave the way for the future of LGBT rights.

We are a team of dedicated cryptocurrency developers who see the imminent integration of the digital economy and the Internet of Everything into our daily lifes. We see a need for an economic landscape exclusive to the LGBT community, which is borderless, secure and immune to censorship. - We, as individuals, see a far more humanitarian use for cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, and we have come together to help build the architecture that will make our world a better place.

Our plans for 2018

Mobile Wallet

Android and iOS wallet will be available soon to make it easier to accept PROUD in restaurants, bars, clubs, etc.

PROUD Dating App

PROUD Dating app based on localisation is OUT now. Meet new friends or love this summer!

Charities Donations

From autumn onwards we will start donating to LGBT charities and similar organisations worldwide.

Simple Fiat Exchange

As of April you can buy PROUD money on our fiat exchange starting with USD and EUR.

even more coming soon ...

Meet our team members

George Lawin

Founder of PROUD Money

Caring about PROUD project since 2014

Peggy Pippal

Promotion Manager

GAY Pride and LGBT events worldwide

Richard Nedbal

Business Development & Communications Manager

Creating and managing relationships between merchants and charities with in the LGTB+ community

Tom Kirschner

Social Media Administrator

Helps out the project since 2017